Dino Storm: Giddy Up Dino Cowboys – The Closed Beta Has Started

02/29/2012 08:50 am in News

The dino-riding adventure MMORPG, Dino Storm, has officially launched into the Closed Beta testing phase. Publishers SplitScreen Studios are letting in a select number of players for the first time to put their upcoming title to the test.
Dino Storm

Dino Storm

As of yesterday, February 28th, the unusual free-to-play MMORPG, Dino Storm, has entered the Closed Beta testing phase. Usually cowboys and dinosaurs don’t really belong together, but as the first wave of Beta testers are finding out, it seems to work just fine.

Those players who received a key from SplitScreen studios are now roaming in the free-to-play world of Dino Storm. For those who registered and did not receive a key, there is no need to worry because they have said that they plan to send out even more keys in the near future.

Dino Storm combines the feeling of the old west with cowboys and wide-brim hats with the majesty and fun of dinosaurs. This free-to-play title will have you exploring a world atop some of the most recognizable dinos from prehistoric times while experience adventures as you complete quests that are sure to challenge your skills!

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